Sunday, July 1, 2007

Time Running Out For Credit Renting

Fair Isaac has announced that their new scoring model will stop considering "authorized user" accounts when determining a credit score. This is intended to stop the practice of credit renting where a person with bad credit pays one with good credit to name them as an "authorized user" on their credit cards. Under the old system, this could result in a quick 100-200 plus point increase in a credit score.

Identity Thieves Use Stolen SSN#'s to Create Fake Identities

Identity thieves have started using stolen social security numbers to create fictional persons. In what authorities have termed "synthetic identity theft", thieves have started creating fictional persons. They use these identities for a variety of purposes incuding, employment, obtaining credit and open bank accounts. This is a much harder type of theft to detect, because the frauds are not committed in the victim's name. Oftentimes they do not even appear on credit reports.

Identity Thieves Create Fake Identities

In a new twist to identity theft, thieves have started creating "synthetic" identities by stealing a person's social security number and "tying" it to a different name in order to create a new, fictional person. This is much harder to detect because the frauds are not committed in the victim's name so they do not readily appear on their credit reports. At the same time, the social security number may appear in many different databases, including those used for background checks. This type of theft is also much more difficult to recover from, because there is no way to Personal Finance News