Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Don't Fall For The Missed Jury Duty Scam

Protect your identity. Don’t fall prey to the jury duty identity theft scam. In this scam, the victim receives a telephone call informing them that they have incurred various civil and/or criminal penalties because they failed to report for jury duty. Since this is the first time the victim has heard about the problem, the scammer offers to re-check their records. They ask the victim for their name, address, phone number, and social security number. This is all of the information needed to commit identity theft. After checking the records, the victim is informed that the court’s records were in error and that the problem will be fixed. In another variation of this scam, they are informed that there is a substantial fine but that they can resolve this matter by pleading guilty and paying a lesser fine. The scammer then offers to let them pay their fine by credit card over the telephone. No court, anywhere in the United States, telephones people who miss jury duty. Even if the caller-id indicates that the call is from a court, it can be spoofed.


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